NukeShared v2.1

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Contributor: Max van Leeuwen
Automatically load and install all kinds of plugins/scripts, simply by placing them in the right folder.
11.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.0, 8.0, 7.1, 7.0, 6.3, 6.2, 6. or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
21 Jan 2019

NukeShared is an easy to use plugin manager for Nuke, which makes manually installing plugins, gizmo's, scripts, and any other kind of add-on obsolete.
Simply place the files to install in the right folder, and NukeShared will install them correctly in Nuke (with icons, subgroups and everything)!

NukeShared works on render farms and can be loaded from a server.



The Repository:


nukeshared automatic plugin installer for nuke



Adding some gizmo's and folders to this Repository in the 'Nodes' panel:



Nuke automatic plugin installer

Nuke gizmo auto install

Nuke auto install plugins using NukeShared


The result:

how to automatically install scripts and plugins nuke





This works with all of Nuke's menu's (the Node bar on the left of the screen, the Nuke menu on the top of the screen, and the six others: Animation, Axis, Node Graph, Pane, Properties, and Viewer).

Simply place all your .gizmo, .nk, .py, .dll, .so and .dylib files in the right folder, and they will automatically load in the right menu.
Add PNG files with the same names as icons (for plugins/scripts and for folders). 

There also are folders for fonts, viewer processes, autorun python scripts, and there is an auto installer.
The auto installer folder installs plugins that require multiple files (e.g. Cryptomatte and PixelFudger) instantly. Just place the entire downloaded folder in there and it works.




|| To install NukeShared, follow these easy steps:


1. Place the entire 'NukeShared'-folder somewhere you like. Could be on a server, if you want to have multiple computers load their plugins from it.

2. Add the following line to the .nuke/ file (change 'path/to/NukeShared' to the actual path on your computer!). Create this file if it does not yet exist.



The .nuke folder can be found here:

Linux: /home/user/.nuke
Mac OS X: /Users/user/.nuke
Windows: \Users\user\.nuke




|| Much more information and help on my website:
|| If you have bugs, feature requests or questions, contact me via




|| Version history



OFX plugin folder support
Updated QuickShortcutEditor to v1.3
Ignore-files now check their own contents for usernames to whitelist
Separate configuration file (and more logical folder structure) 


Fixed ignore-files not being detected by
Updated QuickShortcutEditor to v1.2
Added user blacklist functionality (see Required/ settings)


Fixed option to skip loading .py files next to .gizmo files with the same name (a setting in Required/


Complete overhaul of the folder structure, which makes a lot more sense now (thanks to Ricardo Musch for his feedback!)
Added keyboard shortcut editor (in the _Shortcuts folder)
Added _AutoRun folder for running python scripts on startup
Added _AutoInstaller folder for plugins that have their own and files (just drop the whole folder in there)
Added Nuke menu's: Animation, Axis, Node Graph, Pane, Properties, Viewer
Added _Fonts folder (if there are fonts in there, your default_font will be set to this path so the Text node sees the fonts)
Added _ViewerProcesses folder (add gizmo's here to make them Viewer Processes)
Changed the way the 'open this folder'-button works: it's not there by default any more, but it can be added to any folder now


Multiple instances of NukeShared can now run simultaneously
Plugins and scripts can now be loaded to the menubar in the top of the Nuke window as well
Icons now have to be next to the folder/item they are linked to (which is much more logical)
User activity logging now works in cached mode
Fixed a bug in the counting of stats on startup


Files like 'autoinstaller' should have extensions when working with Google Drive or other coud services, so this is now built-in
Added user logging functionality (which can be enabled in
Bit of cleanup on the script and readme


Fixed Mac compatibility (thanks to Marvin Sprengel for testing and feedback!)


Fixed python scripts not loading correctly on toolbar buttons

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+1 # Laurens Vermeulen 2018-04-12 10:38
+1 # Eoin Coakley 2018-05-02 15:43
A very useful script and Max is a pleasure to deal with for support issues
# Marvin Sprengel 2018-05-04 17:14
is there an easy answer to how to get it to work with mac? besides that:
is there any way to make it work on mac and windows at the same time? because at home i have a mac, but i usually work on windows for jobs
# Max van Leeuwen 2018-05-04 18:46
Hi! It should work on both Mac and Windows simultaneously, but if you encounter any errors or if it's unclear how to install the script let me know! My email is [email protected]
# clouder lee 2018-06-11 05:36
MAC still not work
Win is fine!
# William Eguienta 2018-07-13 15:00
hi, the script menu show well my python scripts but nothing happened on clic, any idea why ?
gizmos works well
# William Eguienta 2018-07-15 07:53
also not working for me on linux, synthax error returned line 21 from required/meny.p y
# Max van Leeuwen 2018-09-15 20:45
Hi! I have just updated the plugin, and everything has changed quite significantly (mainly the folder structure makes a lot more sense now, and I have rewritten most of the code).

The update (v1.8 atm) really is much better than the earlier version, so if you find the time it might be worth downloading to see if the problem is still there.

If it's still not working, let me know! My email is [email protected]

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