Write and Notify v1.4

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Contributor: Levente Vass
When the render is done, the tool sends you a message to your email address. The tool currently works with g-mail and yahoo accounts.
11.0, 10.5 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
03 May 2018

Screenshot 20180429 010436Screenshot 20180429 010734 



- 'just send the message' feature have been added,
  if it's checked, the tool only sends the message (without Write execution)
- bugfixes in autocompletion and messaging
- minor layout changes

- Code cleanup and better error handling.

- Autocompletion feature have been added.
  This change affects the 'e-mail' and 'send a copy' fields.
  The addresses are automatically added to the completion list and
  stored in the .nuke/address_cache.csv file.

  You can edit manually the address_cache.csv, if you want to change something.
  Follow this format:
      [email protected],[email protected],[email protected]...

  If you don't want autocompletion feature, modify the following line(73) in the writeandnotify.py:

    auto_complete = True
  autocompletion off:
    auto_complete = False

- Send a copy field have been added. You can send a copy of the message to multiple recipients.
- Code cleanup and better error handling.


    Copy these files to the .nuke directory.


    Add these lines to the menu.py file. The tool will be added to the Other menu.

    ## setup Write and Notify tool
    import writeandnotify
    writeandnotify_form = writeandnotify.WriteandNotify()
    menu.addCommand('Other/Write and Notify', 'writeandnotify.main(writeandnotify_form.show())', '')


    1. Setup frame range on renderable write node(s).
    2. Type your e-mail and password if you want to receive a notification, everything else are optional.
    3. Select one or multiple wite nodes.
    4. Press Run button. If you leave the fields blank, you can execute selected Write nodes.

    The tool currently works with g-mail and yahoo accounts.
    If you want to add other e-mail provider, change the following line(33):

        SERVER_INFO = [['yahoo', 'smtp.mail.yahoo.com', 587], ['gmail', 'smtp.gmail.com', 587]]

    little explanation:
    'yahoo' - e-mail provider short name
    'smtp.mail.yahoo.com' - (only work with) smtp server
    587 - port

    You can execute multiple write nodes, the rendering is sorted by render order.


    The entered password is not encrypted, please use temp account for messaging.


    NUKE 11 and above

Thanks for the code snippets Morten Andersen and Ricky Wilson.



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