fxT_cloneViaExpressions v1.2

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Contributor: Tor Andreassen
Website: www.fxtor.net
Alternative to the clone node, using expression instead to link all visible knobs accept knobs that are unsafe to link or that otherwise should not be linked. Make clones great again!
12.2, 12.1, 12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.5, 10 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
02 May 2021


Clones are a nice feature in Nuke, but the random bug that comes with clones can corrupt your nuke-script. This python script lets you replace the clone feature in Nuke with a tool that automates the process using expressions. The difference is that you will have a parent and child node in stead of the non-directional functionallity of the clone feature.


- Remove the clone feature in the menu and replaces it using the same shortcuts (alt+k, and alt+Shift+k for declone)
- Only sets expressions on visible knobs (hidden knobs, and otherwise unsafe knobs to link will not be linked)
- Takes into account for multi and single knobs (color knobs), this will be restored to singleValue/original state when you declone the node.
- Links all selected nodes (you can select multiple nodes and link them at the same time)
- label will be set on the 'expressionCloned' node so you know where its coming from
- Won't let you link nodes that are considered unsafe to link (by class or name of node)
- also works for nodes with curve-knobs (such as Huecorrect, colorCorrect, Sampler, ect.)

Change Log:

v. 1.2: Minor bug fix.

v. 1.1:
  - Fix text knobs links (now sets tcl value to parent nodes value)
  - Now allows curveknobs to be linked. They can not be linked, so this is solved with a small callback (fully managed so it's not slow and don't
     leave any callbacks behind if nodes are deleted or undone ect. Was sceptical to implementing this myself at first, but its written in a 100%
     safe way. Reason I decided to implemement this was that sometime I want to link the ColorLookup node which was not possible by a simple link)
  -  removed user choice to decide if disable knob should be linked, I never used this so decided to remove it (want it back? I've included a
     simple explination on how to change this in the code)

v. 1.0 : Firste release

Compatevility Info
Tested on nuke 11 and 12.  Support for Nuke 13 in unknown atm, when I have acess to this version, I will update for compatebility if there are any changes needed for python3.

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