kiss functionality (like in flame and smoke) v2.0

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Contributor: Simon Jokuschies
Kiss functionality like in flame and smoke to quickly connect nodes. version2: Now you can also connect the output of your selected node to several inputs of nearby nodes. So like the other way around connection.
7.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
29 Mar 2014

A Video how kiss works and how to install it can be found here:

In Autodesk Flame and Smoke you can use the kiss function to quickly connect nodes. With this script that function is now accessible inside nuke, as well. After it is installed simply select a node and move it to another. When both nodes overlap press the button u and the nodes get connected.
In daily work, this method has has proven for me to be faster than connecting nodes the traditional way using the input or output pipes. With several hundreds or thousands of nodes per day this makes a lot of time savings.


How to install kiss


Download kiss and copy it into your nuke home directory.
In your add this one line:








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# romain Bouvard 2014-04-12 09:38
hey Simon,

Nice one you've got here... it's fun to used but I found something strange as you 're resulting with multiple input for some simple nodes.. which could break the script.
Don't have this problem since I removed it.


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