Oz_Backdrop v1.1

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Contributor: Osvaldo Andreaus
Website: garius.media
Backdrop replacement with extra options.
12.0 or later
Linux, Windows
17 Jul 2020

autoBackdrop replacement with extra options


screenshot of properties






  1. Like 'F_Backdrop' it presents an immediate interface to change label, font size and position.
  2. It allows to quickly select a random background color or choose between some presets.
  3. It makes it easier to resize and shrink the backdrop.
  4. There's a button to encompass selected nodes and leave an empty border around.
  5. It reveals the position and size of the backdrop node allowing the creation of other similar shaped backdrops.
  6. There's a script to replace all the old backdrop nodes in a script with enhanced backdrops. Find it in the 'Edit' menu.


  1. Add the 'oz_backdrop' folder to your python folder.
  2. On your local menu.py add the following lines:

import nuke

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# li zhaohui 2020-07-18 18:07
chlabel = nuke.Link_Knob( 'label_1','labe l' )
chlabel.makeLin k(n.name(), 'label')
# li zhaohui 2020-07-18 18:23
You can change the color of the button to a similar autoBackdrop replacement v2.1 style

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