pasteToSelected v1.1

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Contributor: Frank Rueter
paste the clipboard to all selected nodes
5.1, 5.2, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
19 Feb 2012

v1.1 - fixed missing import statement for nuke module

example entry:


import pasteToSelected
menuBar ="Nuke")
menuBar.addCommand('Edit/Paste To Selected', 'pasteToSelected.pasteToSelected()', index=10)



Select a bunch of nodes and copy them to the clipboard:

selected the receiving nodes and run the script:


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# Frank Rueter 2010-10-18 16:05
just subscribing to this feedback thread
# Roman Yu 2012-02-18 12:34
paste code to
copy script to plugins dir
select nodes - edit - paste to selected - error (name 'paste to selected' is not defined)
6.3 x64
# frank rueter 2012-02-18 16:30
you have to add the import statement in your as well. Sorry, I keep forgetting these bits:
import pasteToSelected
# Roman Yu 2012-02-19 07:17
Sorry, did`nt work...
global name nuke is not defined
# Frank Rueter 2012-02-19 13:41
"import nuke" at the top of your file.
# Frank Rueter 2012-02-19 13:49
oops, sorry, I meant the import statement is missing from the top of the python script. I've added it and updated the upload, so re-download and it should work (or simply add "import nuke" to the top of pasteToSelected .py).
# sijen zigna 2012-02-19 19:04
Great feature! Tnx!
# Roman Yu 2012-02-19 22:28
Gr8! Thanks!
# Michael Huber 2015-05-03 00:41
Just discovered this ;) Thanks !!
# eric martin 2016-02-18 23:03
VERY handy thank you!! :D :D
# Sheldon Lisoy 2016-04-01 18:56
Great! thanks very helpful

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