ProEXR_Nuke_Comp_Builder v1.1

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Contributor: Brendan Bolles
Build a comp to match the Photoshop layers for an EXR saved by ProEXR.
6.3, 7.0 or later
01 May 2012
ProEXR is a Photoshop plug-in that will save your Photoshop and After Effects layers into a multi-channel EXR file. It also inserts some metadata listing the layer order, transfer modes, etc. This script will parse that metadata and build a comp matching the Photoshop setup (at least to the extent possible).
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0 # viktor petrovich 2012-05-01 02:31
how to install?
0 # Brendan Bolles 2012-05-01 08:53
From the Nuke script editor, you can click the "source script" button and then select the file.

If you want to add a menu command, docs can be found here:

You'll want to add something like this to your file:

import ProEXR_Nuke_Comp_Builder 'Nuke' ).addCommand('P roEXR/ProEXR Nuke Comp Builder', 'ProEXR_Nuke_Co mp_Builder.ProE XR_Nuke_Comp_Bu ilder()' )
0 # kumara Pushpa 2014-05-28 06:36
thanks lot
0 # Cesar Rizo 2016-07-06 04:10
I just downloaded this pluggin, I was able to install it on Photoshop CC (windows 10) and save the EXR file with 3 layers in it. I also copy the plugin file for nuke in the plugins folder of nuke 10. Once I open nuke I can add the EXR file in a Read node, but I can't "split" the file to see the layers that I had previously crated in Photoshop.

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