propertiesToggle v2.1

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Contributor: Jeang Jenq Loh
Toggle nodes' (inside gizmo/group as well) properties, or close all properties.
11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
05 May 2019


  • Fixed in group node's properties not popping up when parent node's properties is shown.


  • Changed hotkeys
  • Added function to toggle properties of node inside a group/gizmo as well.
  • New hotkeys as follow
    • Toggle properties, ' \ '
    • Open properties of node inside a group/gizmo, ' CTRL+\ '
    • Close all properties, ' ALT+a '

Changed hotkeys to ' \ ' instead of ' , ' because I always disliked accidentally hitting ' \ ' and it snap everything to grid. But hey now it does something else! You can customize it by editing the last arguement of last 2 lines in the script.



Written to bind hotkeys to opening/closing floating properties. Functions and their hotkeys as follow:

showToggle(), ','
Toggle nodes floating properties

Confirmation if opening more than 10 properties at a time

close(), 'Alt + a'
Close all opened properties, including project settings


Tested in Nuke11.0, but it should work with older versions as well.




Put the python script in .nuke folder and add the following line to

import propertiesToggle

You can change hotkeys to your liking at the bottom of the script.

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