sbn Align Read Nodes v1.1

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Contributor: Sebastian Faber
script to align and sort nuke read nodes in the node graph editor. This is a tool I use EVERY DAY and helps a lot to sort and to compare footage, AOVs and 3D layers.
12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
20 Feb 2020

sbnAlignReadNodes demo Slow 


  sbnAlignReadNodes_2020 v1.13




  - this is a new Version! Some minor issues are fixed. Also the installation process should now work on Mac.

  - fixing Issue: 'L' shortcut do not overwrite 'L'- in the viewer playback (Thanks to Johan for this hint)


   Thanks to Johan Van Huyssteen for his suggestions and bugreporting




script to align and sort nuke read nodes in the node graph editor.

- read nodes are aligned horizontally, zig zag, vertically or as 'wave'
- read nodes are also sorted in ALPHABETICAL order from left to right
- toggle between horizontal and 'zig zag' alignment in order to read long AOV file names 

- select read nodes

- press 'L' to align 'zig zag' and press 'L' again to align read nodes horizontally

- press shift+'L' to align read nodes vertically


- if the selection contains other nodes than read nodes nuke's built in autoplace function is used which is asigned to the 'L' key by nuke's default keyboard mapping. So don't worry to override the 'L' key with this tool.

- comments and suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to drop me a line in the comment field.


(Windows PC):
- copy the script to your personal nuke script folder e.g. 'D:/Nukescripts/'
- open your and add the following lines:

global glToggleRS; glToggleRS=0'Nodes').addMenu('sbn')
m.addCommand( '.Align Read Nodes ' , 'nuke.load(''), sbnAlignNodes('default')', 'L', shortcutContext=2)
m.addCommand( '.Align Read Nodes (vertical)' , 'nuke.load(''), sbnAlignNodes('vertical')', 'shift+L', shortcutContext=2)
m.addCommand( '.Align Read Nodes (horizontal)' , 'nuke.load(''), sbnAlignNodes('horizontal')', '', shortcutContext=2)
m.addCommand( '.Align Read Nodes (wave)' , 'nuke.load(''), sbnAlignNodes('wave')', '', shortcutContext=2)
m.addCommand( '.Align Read Nodes (zigzag)' , 'nuke.load(''), sbnAlignNodes('zigzag')', '', shortcutContext=2)

 - now please restart nuke



- after installation, select your read nodes and press 'L' or 'shift+L' to align the selected nodes.
- press 'L' or 'shift+L' again to toggle.
- after installation a new icon appears in your toolbar. Press the icon to see all the menu entries of 'Align Read Nodes'


- tested on Windows 10 with Nuke 11.x, should also work on MAC and linux.
- written in python



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# Johan van Huyssteen 2019-11-08 13:04
Hi there. I'm having issues with 'Syntax error' messages preventing Nuke from launching up no matter where I point the m.addCommand. My 'snbAlignReadNo' is located one directory down from the so

'm.addCommand( '.Align Read Nodes ' , 'nuke.load('/py thon/sbnAlignRe '), sbnAlignNodes(' default')', 'L')

should work but it doesn't. Please advise what I might do to get it working?
# Johan van Huyssteen 2019-11-08 14:05
Actually I found the issue. 'nuke.load' needs the plugin name only, not the relative or absolute path. Due to the pluginAddPath being setup properly in my / I just needed to type:
nuke.load('') for everything to work correctly.

This is extremely useful. Thank you very much.
# lou cannizzo 2019-11-14 17:03
Yup, same issue. No matter what path I use, I get syntax error line 3. I also tried adding nuke.load into the as well.
Finally gave up.

Are there any detail instructions to load this?
# James Rowell 2019-11-15 20:28
Hey Lou - I was having trouble too, I think I found the fix. Look in the actual python script sbnAlignRe for the commented out lines that are supposed to go into your They have proper use of double and single quotes. That plus what Johan wrote above, should get it working for you. Cheers J.
# Sebastian Faber 2020-02-19 14:25
Hey guys,
yes you are right! Thanks for your comments. I've updated the tool and changed some minor issues. Now the entries should also work on Mac. Also the "L" hotkey is now still working in the Nuke Viewer and not overwritten anymore. Please download the new version:

Also please use the entries as described in the updated installation procedure.

Special thanks to Johan for his suggestions and reports. Please let me know if you have still any issues or suggestions.

best regards Sebastian
# Bart Barendregt 2020-02-20 10:24
On nuke 11 Linux I'm getting this error whichever way I'm trying to load the plugin:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/.nuke/ ", line 55, in
global glToggleRS; glToggleRS
NameError: global name 'glToggleRS' is not defined

any ideas?
# Sebastian Faber 2020-02-20 14:52
please try this:
global glToggleRS; glToggleRS=0
# Bart Barendregt 2020-02-26 18:10
Thanks! that fixed it.

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