TurboNode v1.1

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Contributor: Matt Roe
A much faster way to create and set shuffle, copy and merge nodes.
11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
09 Aug 2019

What is TurboNode?

I got sick of digging through dozens of layers every time I created a Shuffle, so I thought I'd make an interface that lets you set layer names by typing. It worked so well I made the same thing for Merge and Copy nodes. As you type, it will suggest either layer names, operations, or channel names depending on what you are trying to create. You can also use it to quickly modify existing nodes.

Usage Instructions

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Press the keyboard shortcut of the node you want to create (see below) to bring up the TurboNode window. Autocomplete suggestions will appear as you type. You can press Tab to grab the top result and move to the next field, or Enter to grab the top result and close the window. You can also use the arrow keys to highlight suggestions.

To modify an existing node, select the node and use the shortcut pertaining to the selected node. The node's name will be shown in orange if you are modifying a node. If you don't want to modify the selected node, press the checkbox next to the node name to create a new node instead.

TurboShuffle: Shift+H

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Enter desired layer names, or leave them blank or as 'none'. If you type in an unknown layer name, you'll be asked if you want to create a new layer with that name. Tick the 'ShuffleCopy' checkbox or press Alt+C to create a ShuffleCopy instead of a Shuffle.

TurboMerge: Shift+M

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TurboCopy: Shift+K

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Installation Instructions

Unzip the file and move the contents to your .nuke folder. If you already have a menu.py file, combine it with this one.

I haven't tested on Mac or on versions of Nuke older than 10, but I don't see why it shouldn't work for either. Let me know if you have issues and I'll either fix it or update the compatibilities on this submission.

Why the name?

Sorry about that. It's named after a tool made by a coworker of mine with a talent for naming Nuke gizmos.

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