KnobScripter v1.3

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Contributor: Adrian Pueyo
UPDATED v1.3 - Floating script editor for python and callback knobs, with features like syntax highlighting or line numbers, to make scripting inside of Nuke less painful.
11.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
07 Sep 2018

KnobScripter is a nuke script editor panel to script on callback (knobChanged, onCreate, ...) or python knobs (Python script buttons or Python Custom Knobs). It works as a floating panel to be called on a selected node, and/or as a dockable pane.


Tutorial/Overview video:

KnobScripter v1.3

KnobScripter improves the UI side of scripting directly on nodes and makes it less annoying than nuke's 'Manage User Knobs...' interface:

  • Callback knobs are usually hidden so normally you'd have to bring them in order to be able to script on them.

  • Python knobs accessed through Nuke's 'Manage User Knobs...' panel won't let you interact with the rest of the program, like seeing the name of other knobs or just testing the button without closing the scripting interface.

  • For adding more complex scripts to the knobs I always missed line numbers or syntax highlighting.

Once installed, just select a node and press alt+z, or Edit/Node/Open Floating Knob Scripter.

You can also add it as a Pane (Windows/Custom/Knob Scripter).


1. Copy the included file inside of your ~/.nuke folder.
2. Inside your ~/.nuke folder, open with any text editor, or create it if it doesn't exist.
3. Add the following line to your

import knob_scripter

4: Restart Nuke, and you should now have knob_scripter installed.

UPDATE v1.3 (7 September 2018)

  • Change button can now switch to nodes inside of groups and viceversa.
  • Knob dropdown list now displays the knob’s name and label in parentheses.
  • PIN toggle button, to make the Knobscripter stay above all other windows or not.
  • Scroll position on the script editor is remembered when you switch back and forth between knobs.
  • Preferences: Change the number of spaces created with the tab key (2 or 4) and the PIN button’s default state On or Off.
  • ... (check README.txt for the full update log)

UPDATE v1.2 (10 March 2018)

  • Compatible with Nuke 11.

Bugs and suggestions are appreciated. Happy scripting!

Copyright (c) 2017-2018, Adrian Pueyo All rights reserved. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS 'AS IS' AND ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE COPYRIGHT OWNER OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS; OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY, OR TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. Credit goes to Wouter Gilsing for the script editor widget part, which he made for his tool W_Hotbox. It can be downloaded here:
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+3 # Simon Jokuschies 2017-02-01 06:08
Hi Adrian,
This is really useful, thanks for sharing this tool :)
+1 # Adrian Pueyo 2017-02-01 17:25
Hi Simon, glad you like it :)
+1 # Parimal Desai 2017-02-01 09:00
Much needed, Thanks Adrian!
# Adrian Pueyo 2017-02-01 17:31
You're welcome! :-)
# Gaetan Baldy 2017-02-03 10:27
Very good work ! this is awesome !
# Adrian Pueyo 2017-03-05 20:19
Thank you!
# Vitaly Musatov 2017-02-10 10:10
Thank you Adrian for sharing! Awesome tool!
# Adrian Pueyo 2017-03-05 20:20
You're welcome! :)
# Alexey Kuchinski 2017-05-26 12:58
Thank you Adrian, very useful!
# Javier Saura Saura 2018-02-05 09:44
Hi! It is not working in to Nuke 11 =/

Does anyone know something?

Many thanks!
# Adrian Pueyo 2018-03-10 00:20
Hey Javier,

It's now updated to PySide2 and should work in both Nuke 11 and previous versions :-) Let me know if you experience any problems!

# Javier Saura Saura 2018-03-10 11:01
Hi Adrian! it does Work! I will comment you if it shows something problem.

Thanks a lot!
# Matthias Eckhardt 2018-03-10 13:56
i love this tool!! thx
# Jeang Jenq Loh 2018-04-10 16:29
I just found this and this is awesome!!! Thanks Adrian!
# Jed Smith 2018-05-13 15:44
This is awesome! Super useful tool which I will be immediately adding to my .nuke config.

I have one feature request: I often add knobChanged code to nodes within a group, so that I can avoid having the knobChanged fire whenever the selection state or position of a gizmo changes. This improves performance especially in big nuke scripts.

Right now in the tool it is possible to select a node inside a group and press alt+z to load the editor, but it's not possible to press the "Change" button and switch to a node insideo a group. Would this be possible to add?
# Adrian Pueyo 2018-09-07 11:42
Hey Jed, thanks for your feedback. This is now fixed in v1.3.
Let me know if you encounter any other weird behaviours! :-)

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