10,000 strong & still growing


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We introduced Nukepedia at Siggraph
in 2010 and as I write this,
we now have:

registered users: 10,105
visitors per month: ~30,000
uploaded tools: 418
total downloads: 87831
tutorials: 67

Congrats Nukepedia users!

We just reached our 10,000th registered user last week and still they're pouring in.
Thanks to YOU the Nukepedia community is thriving which simply means more cool tools and tutorials for everyone.
But an extra special thanks needs to go out to those of you that have taken the time to contribute their tools and knowledge!   Without you Nukepedia wouldn't be this great.
And thanks to those who have kindly donated to Nukepedia. It's a big help to keep it going!


To celebrate, we wish to reward YOUR favourite contributor with a NUKEX license incl. 1 year maintenance and one of our cool new Nukepedia bags. The runner ups will also receive a bag.Thanks to The Foundry and Intraware for making this possible.

Please vote for your favourite contributors below. You have three votes to distribute, and you can add another person that you may wish to vote for if not listed.
 Note: Please don't suggest Frank Rueter, as he is part of the Nukepedia team Help us reward YOUR most valuable Nukepedia players  -  VOTE NOW!

Tool Wish List

Suggest and vote for tools that the Nukepedia community can create with Gizmos, Python, PySide etc.

If people start writing one of the suggested tools, it might be best to leave a comment and let people know, so we can avoid redundant work.

Comments (0)HotKeys for rotating roto shapes and/or open spline points
Comments (2)python, a two stage "version up" function v001_tk005, v002_tk001
Comments (0)VR Stictching tools, set ups for a more efficient workflow, 360º Camera Tracking, 360º projection set ups... And a new VR Section in nukepedia, because the future is here and we need to share knowledge!
Comments (3)Nuke dynamic hotkey assignment tool Nuke dynamic hotkey assignment tool
Comments (0)point cloud shape tracker (à la resolve)
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