J_Mullet_Ragdoll v1.0

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Contributor: Jack Binks
A demo script for the Mullet toolkit found in J_Ops. This script demonstrates a ragdoll setup, and then subjects the rigged system to external interactions.
6.3 or later
18 Nov 2013

ragdollThis download is part of a series of example scripts which are available for the Mullet toolkit from Nukepedia. It requires J_Ops 2.0v1 also available from Nukepedia as well as Nuke6.3v8, available from the Foundry's website.

This script demonstrates:

-an extensive selection of two body constraint types, building a rag doll body from Nuke 3D primitives.
-breakable one body constraints to help position bodies pre impact.
-constraint motors, to drive extra velocity into objects.
-the importance of using preview when setting up constraints, as well as switching it off when you're done.
-why baking becomes important as you start to get more constraints in a scene.
-constraint limit troubleshooting overlays.
-'tapping in' solvers to judge the setup of particular subsets of objects and constraints.

Note that this script contains a number of baked solver nodes, so may take a while to load and parse. If these pre-baked solvers come in as errored then switch on ID ignore in the bake tab (they're checking against the hash of the incoming tree and this may change in some circumstances).

Emphasis is on simple Mullet use cases - scenes, shaders, materials, lighting, etc are not fleshed out. If you make useful improvements feel free to share back via the nuke users list.

Thanks to Frank Rueter for script concept.

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