J_Mullet_SeeSaw v1.0

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Contributor: Jack Binks
A demo script for the Mullet toolkit found in J_Ops. This script demonstrates very simple constraint usage.
6.3 or later
18 Nov 2013

seesawThis download is part of a series of example scripts which are available for the Mullet toolkit from Nukepedia. It requires J_Ops 2.0v1 also available from Nukepedia as well as Nuke6.3v8, available from the Foundry's website.

This script demonstrates:

-moving scene objects out of sim to cosmetic only render pass and replacing with constraints.
-very basic constraint setups, both one and two body types.
-use of compound bodies.
-'locking' constraints using modified 6dofs.
-some tips for dealing with jitter.

Emphasis is on simple Mullet use cases - scenes, shaders, materials, lighting, etc are not fleshed out. If you make useful improvements feel free to share back via the nuke users list.

Thanks Frank Rueter for initial script setup.

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