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Contributor: samiosp

29.99 Kb

This node was created because I was tired of looking for bokeh kernel images everytime i needed one, so instead of that I spent days making this tool so you can create a kernel shape on the fly! There are a few presets in the tool, but you can plugin any alpha image you like and create a kernel that way as well.

13 Jun 2024
Contributor: BarryWang

10.66 Kb

It could draw a line with input rotoshapes with animation options, including start, end, evalotion etc.

18 Jun 2023
Contributor: BarryWang

3.09 Kb

this will automatically generate a procedual animated outside wire rectangular frame for your images, it is spcially useful when you want to create a animated coding system ui.

07 May 2023
Contributor: jordanboulais

30.43 Kb

RotoPaint But with a brush selection

13 Dec 2021
Contributor: ChrisTurner

31.26 Kb

A procedural lens flare tool designed to generate 'edge flares', secondary flares that appear at the edge of frame as light hits the lens from outside the viewing frustum.

05 Nov 2019
Contributor: mengel

100.53 Kb

Digital display of numbers, with hours, minutes and seconds.

10 Nov 2018
Contributor: mengel

118.68 Kb

Digital display of numbers, up to seven digits.

10 Nov 2018
Contributor: ranjith1016

17.87 Kb

Create randomly generated noise patterns similar to after effects brain storm tool.

14 Apr 2017

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