ContactSheetPro v1.2

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Contributor: Ben McEwan & Armen Mailyan & Barry Wang
This is a ContactSheet node based on Ben McEwan's AutoContactSheet, it can show you some important information like the metadata, the file name to your alpha channel.
12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
Mac, Windows
15 Jan 2020

This is a ContactSheet node based on McEwan's AutoContactSheet.

Contributor:Ben McEwan, Armen Mailyan, Barry Wang

The node was created based on NUKE version 11.3, and we tested on version 10.0 - 11.3, on any version lower than 11.3 will possibly be noticed this is a newer version script, but it should be fine after you click the OK button, or you can save it as a new Toolset.

See AutoContactSheet:

what does it do?

These are come from AutoContactSheet:

  • Automatically lays out your images to maximize screen coverage, with no gaps
  • Automatically labels what each input is
  • Automatically sets its own resolution, based off your Project Settings' format
  • Adds a User knob for easy resolution scaling in case you want more detail, or more speed
  • Adds a few controls to adjust our automated text nodes

These are new function:

  • Define resolution by your own settings, the aspect ratio will show up beside the Reformat size knob
  • Costum the showing file name range of each input
  • Show the current frame and file format of each input
  • Change the text scale,align and padding of information
  • Set uniform/specific border to each input, and change the properties of the border
  • Add/Remove/Add all/Clear the metadata of each metadata

Download with the Guide document~

ContactSheetPro Panel



Generate:Generate all the nodes we need

Reformat size:Reformat each one of the input

Aspect ratio:Aspect ratio

Resolution Multiplier:Global Multiplier to the format

Filename range:begin:filename range begin; end:filename range end

Format requirements:

aaaa_bbbb_cccc_dddd_..._zzzz.exr(tif/png/jpg...all Nuke supported format)

This would change the name of each read node on viewer based on begin and end. Begin and end is the coordinates of the name, and 0 in begin is the most begining position, 0 in end is for the last position.

for example: if you have a shot named aaaa_bbbb_cccc_dddd, then

1 1 for begin and end will keep it as


0 0 for begin and end will keep it as


Current frame:Check to show the current frame

Extension:Check to show the current file format

Text scale:Control the text scale, the size of file name is controlled only when the Text scale is bigger than 0.5

Align:Align the text, works for all the information

Padding x(%):Padding in x axis, based on percentage

Padding y(%):Padding in y axis, based on percentage

Enable border:Check to show the border

Border color:Change the border color

Border thickness:Change the border thickness

Border opacity:Change the border opacity

Metadata:Select the metadata you wanna add or remove

Add:Add metadata to the alpha channel which showing in Meatadata

Remove:Remove metadata to the alpha channel which showing in Meatadata

Add all:Add all Meatadata

Clear:Clear all Meatadata

ContactSheetPro_v1 was created by three people's contribution, including Ben McEwan, Armen Mailyan and Barry Wang, you need to post with the name above if you post it somewhere else. This is a free plugin, baned to sale.
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+2 # Barry Wang 2020-01-15 01:59
Put ContactSheetPro _v1.1.nk into your .nuke/ToolSets folder, you should free to work with this!

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