Plugin Group Manager - Advanced v1.1

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Contributor: Jared Glass
Advanced Version of the Plugin Group Manager - Basic. Aimed more at TD's and developers.
6.0, 6.1, 6.2 or later
18 Nov 2013


If you haven't already you should read the Plugin Manager Basic post before reading this.

I recommend you download the files from nukepedia and browse through them while reading this to get the best idea of what each bit does.

The install is exactly the same as before and the files inside the Install folder are exactly the same too. You don't need to uninstall the 'Basic' version. The only difference between the Advanced Version and the Basic Version is actually the Plugin Groups.

Here are some of the Advanced Features:

  • Run commands on nuke start up.
  • Add python modules that will be accessible to nuke's python.
  • Multiple Plugin Groups.
  • Global Modules that effect ALL Plugin Groups and have separate modules that effect only one plugin group.

Some of the plugin's may serve as useful examples. So even if you're not looking to make anything specific I recommend you take a look. Some are quite old so if the coding logic looks a bit dodgy please forgive the past me :p


Please have a look at my 'expertly' drawn image explaining some of the structure.






In the 'Nuke_PluginGroups' folder: 'comp' and farm are the Plugin Groups that you would connect to. In some studios it may be useful to have separate 'comp' and 'lighting' plugin groups but here the lighters do a fare amount of comping. The modules folder can be accessed by either of the plugin groups. That's the ''Global' modules folder. So the script in that folder will be run whether you connect to the 'comp' group or the 'farm' group.

In the modules folder there's also a site-packages folder. Instead of installing modules on every nuke users machine I just place them in here and the PluginGroup_Manager script picks up on them and adds them to the nuke python.

In the comp folder: The modules in this modules folder ONLY get loaded if you are connected to this plugin group. The other plugin groups won't be able to access them (unless you connect to both). The menus and toolbars folders work the same as in the basic version.


You can find more on the Advanced Plugin Group Manager here.


Thanks to Triggerfish Animation Studios for allowing me to release these plugins :)



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