Create Deep Images for Nuke in Maya/Prman

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Create Deep Images for Nuke in Maya/Prman

Nuke's deep implementation can currently only uses .dtex files rendered out of Prman 15.2 or newer. In this example I will show you how to generate them out of Maya & Renderman Studio.

Here is my scene full of 3d geometry Spheres


Render Settings


1. Goto your "Render Settings" in Maya
2. Change the "Render Using " option to "RenderMan"
3. Change the "Image Format" to "EXR" (not required but a good idea when working with Nuke)

Add Deep Shadow pass


1. Goto the "Passes" tab.
2. Click on the down arrow to the right of "Final Defaults".
3. Pick "Create Pass > DeepShadow"

Change Resolution


Now that you have the Deep Shadow Pass created. 
1. Change the resolution from the default of 512 to a matchine resolution to your cg render. So typically this would be 2k or 4k.

Deep files in the gui can only be square power of 2 resolutions.

Add a Camera


1. Right click in the black space to the left of "Camera"
2. Pick the shot camera you are rendering your rgba data from

Batch Render


Batch render your shot from the "Renderman" menu

Find your rendered files


1. If you have never rendered in Maya before then your files will be in your default project folder. 
2. To find the location of this goto File > Project Window
3. You will find a bar called "Location". This is your Maya project directory root.

Dtex file location


From you maya project directory root you will find the files in Maya > Projects > Default > Renderman > Maya Scene Name > Frame Number > filename.dtex

Exr file location


From you maya project directory root you will find the files in Maya > Projects > Default > Renderman > Maya Scene Name > Images > filename.exr

Reading into Nuke


Use a Read node for the Exr and a DeepRead node for the Dtex.

Combining the Exr with the Dtex file


You should be able to combine the DeepRead with the Exr
1. add a DeepReformat to the DeepRead. Set it to the same size as your Exr.
2. Use a DeepRecolor node to merge the two.

Use a DeepToPoints to visualize the Deep Pixel values in the 3d viewer. You need the shot camera in order for the Deep points to retain the same location as they are in 3d space for Maya.


0 # sijen zigna 2012-02-02 07:30
very detailed, thanks!:-)
0 # cho sungku 2012-04-03 18:14
thank you!!
0 # Andrew Paxson 2012-05-24 17:58
I am having some issues. Nuke will not read the dtex file :sad:
0 # Deke Kincaid 2012-05-24 23:02
You need to properly setup prman with nuke to get it to work. I have a couple tutorials on it here:
0 # Abraham Martin 2012-05-25 06:07
Where can I download .dtex samples to start with this?

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