Setting up Prman for Nuke 6.2 launched from the gui in OSX

Written by Deke Kincaid on .

Some people are having issues getting Prman working with Nuke 6.2. So this is a basic tutorial on setting up the proper environment variables you need.  This only works when Nuke is launced from the gui under osx.  I have a separate tutorial for getting it to work when you launch Nuke from the shell.

1. Download the system preference pane called RCEnvironment and install it.

This prefpane is for creating an environment.plist file which osx needs for setting environment variables for gui applications..


2. Add the following environment variables below in RCEnvironment. Adjust the values to match you version of Prman which may be different then mine.

value = /Applications/Pixar/

variable = RMANTREE
value = /Applications/Pixar/


3. Log out and Log back in again.

4. Now launch Nuke and the Prman node should now work.


FYI: The utility above modifies your $HOME/.MacOSX/environment.plist.  The environment.plist file will look something like this if you we're to look at it in a text editor:




0 # sijen zigna 2011-01-12 18:52
thanx man!
0 # djati waskito 2011-03-12 10:03
thank you a lot Deke, it possible to me have a setup for windows, because here we have both systems- but if you dont mind Deke.


0 # manojit ghose 2011-05-31 04:44

same request as djati, could you please let us know the setup for windows. also wold it be possible to make it work somehow with the LE of nuke, (watermarks are fine)
0 # INEED MONEY 2011-06-12 01:43
how to setup in win 7 x64
0 # vamshi krishna 2011-11-24 23:52
how to setup renderman in nuke in win 7 x64
+1 # Sergen Eren 2013-12-04 20:48
To setup the Nuke for PRman under windows:

1. Set system variable "RMANTREE" to C:\Program Files\Pixar\RenderManProServer-18.0\

2. And add C:\Program Files\Pixar\Ren derManProServer -18.0\lib to system variable "path"

(path variable is the equivalent of DYLD_LIBRARY_PA TH)

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