UVProject v2.0

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Contributor: Loic REMY
UVProject get rid of the UDIMS values offsetting the UVMap and does what a STMap node does in Blink
12.2, 12.1, 12.0 or later
10 Apr 2021

UdimsOffset V2 : Rename : UVProject

UVProject does what UdimsOffset did : get rid of UDIMS in UVMap and allow the users to project directly their input such as the STMap node

UdimsOffset V1


UdimsOffset get rid of UDIMS values offsetting the UVMap. As shown below, UV coords informations are stocked between 0 and 1 but if the geometry contains UDIMS, this create an offset of the values showing the UDIMS positions :

Screenshot 8


These values will cause problem when using using STMap 

Screenshot 9


This simple Blink remove these Offsets


Screenshot 10


And put everything back to normal : 

Screenshot 11


This is my first Blink, happy to share it, if you have any amelioration I will be happy to hear from them !

(Seems to not be handled by GPU tho, can't find the solution)


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