mtPrefStick v1.1

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Contributor: Miguel Torija
Stick images/Textures using the Pref from 3D renders.
13.1, 12.2, 12.1, 12.0 or later
31 Oct 2021


Stick images onto 3d renders using the Pref pass. Developed with BlinkScript.

It works only on Nuke 12 or above.


 You just need 3 things:

>A CG render with Pref.

>The image you want to stick.

- The aperture of the render camera. You can try to guess it and put them by hand... But I recommend using the real parameters.


How To use it:

1 Select a camera and push 'Get Camera'. You can type the values manually.

2 Use the picker to select a point of your pref. Check 'show pref' to show it and make it easier.

3 Select the two vectors you want to use (x=r, y=g, z=b)

4 You can scale and translate to better place the image.

5 You have two ways of masking, using the input mask or

using 'pref matte', which uses an alpha based on your pref selection. You can use both.


Small video of the tool

 Update info:

           -Deleted wrong info about the graphics card.

           -Added a picker to select the area of the Pmatte instead of using the same picker to center the texture.



Still under development. I just wanted to play a bit around with BlinkScript and I made this tool just for fun...



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