MirrorDimension v1.0

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Contributor: Tony Lyons
Allows you to easily render Planar Reflections from a Mirror Card's Perspective
14.0, 13.2, 13.1, 13.0, 12.2, 12.1, 12.0, 11.3, 11 or later
03 Apr 2024

Plug in this gizmo between your Camera and a 3D Card and it will mirror or 'flip' the Camera to the other side of the Mirror Card.  This will allow you to Scanline Render Reflections from the Mirror's Perspective.  Could be useful with geometry projected with the CG Render or with Position Point Cloud PositionToPoints for faking reflections.  Best case scenario, you'd use the new camera and circle back to the 3D application to render the new reflection angle with AOVs.






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