EXR_channel_remover v1.0

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Contributor: Henry Claud N'guetta
This tool allows you to dynamically add and remove channels inside an EXR render.
13.0, 12.0 or later
28 Oct 2022



This tool allow the artist to dynamically add and remove layers that are being computed from an EXR sequence as input. You can also select the analise button in order to check if the channel is empty.

In order to install the gizmo, please just upload the file into:


Paste these lines inside your menu.py file  in order to get the node inside your Nodes menu:

import channel_picker

myGizmos = nuke.menu('Nodes').addMenu('myGizmos')
myGizmos.addCommand('EXR Channel Remover', 'channel_picker.create_node_from_EXR(),')


Please let me know if there are any bugs and ways to improve this tool! Thank you for helping :)

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