lp_deHaze v1.0

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Contributor: Lucas Pfaff
Website: fuke.it
Dehazes shots in a Lightroom-like fashion. Based on a tutorial by Mads Hagbarth Damsbo
12.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
29 Jan 2020

'lp_' is not really the name inside of Nuke, it's more for organizing on a server/computer harddrive




deHaze is build after the great dehazing-tutorial made by Mads hagbarth Damsbo. Mads concludes the tutorial with 'So you can just package this up and make a cool tool and put it Nukepedia', so I gave it a try :)

I added some functionality to shuffle the affected areas into the alpha channel, as well as colour correct the footage based on this matte. Results vary highly with the given shot, it always needs a bit of fiddling around. I highly recommend watching the tutorial to understand the underlying principle.

Needs Nuke 12 for the C_Bilateral node.






all images are free-to-use-stock from Pixabay

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