Image2Paint v1.0

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Contributor: Michael De Caria
Generate a RotoPaint node that matches your image
11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
16 Jan 2019

Plug the Image2Paint node anywhere in your tree and it can generate a RotoPaint node that matches exactly to your image!

There are many use cases but one example is if you have a small image such as a bokeh file (100x100) that you want to use in your script/tool but don't want to have to carry around a file along side the script/gizmo everywhere, you can use this tool to generate a RotoPaint that matches the image so you no longer have to use the file.



It can be plugged anywhere in the tree


(Demonstration purposes only)



Currently only generates off RGBA layer

Running on anything above 150px will take a unbelievable amount of time unless the image is mostly black pixels.

This is currently in no way optimized which it could be in a few way which would make it viable for larger images.



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