RotoCheck v1.1

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Contributor: Josh Robertson
A simple gizmo to assisit with checking your roto
8.0, 7.1, 7.0, 6.3 or later
Linux, Windows
08 Oct 2014

A simple gizmo I created to help check your roto while working inside of nuke. The Gizmo gives you the option to do a Multiply, Plus, or Over Operation on top of your alpha as well as merge the alpha over a Constant, Colour Bars, Checkerboard or User input. 

The Idea came from a friend of mine who saw someone else who had made the same sort of Idea so I decided to make my own version.  Hope you guys find this usefull!

To install the gizmo Just copy it to your .nuke directory. located for linux /home/USERNAME/.nuke for windows C:/User/Username/.nuke

To add the gizmo to your nuke menu open a text editor(notepad, notepad++, GEdit, etc) and copy and paste the below text in

import nuke
toolbar ='Nodes')
toolbar.addMenu('MY TOOLS')
toolbar.addCommand('MY TOOLS/RotoCheck','nuke.createNode('RotoCheck')')

Then save the file as in your .nuke directory
Thats it just close and reopen nuke to apply changes

    -Fixed some premult issues with the BG
    -Added Opacity Slider for BG.  lowering BG opacity slider will reveal the user BG if one is connected otherwise it will just show black

Roto Check 1.1

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