Tree_Gobo_v01 v1.0

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Contributor: Moises Moreno
This is a draw gizmo that will help to add tree gobo dynamic lighting.
13.2 or later
25 Sep 2023

How to use video:

This is a gizmo with a really basic setup, still in its beta and I hope you find it useful.




treeSize will determine the size  of the overall gobo

volume will change the amount of foliage of the gobo

density will change the amount of leaves inside the volume



windSpeed will change the rate at which leaves flicker

damping reduces the amount of flickering


primary Branches

pShake will change the frequency animation of the main branches 

pAmplitude will change the amplitude of the main branches animation


and this applies to the secondary branches as well



The scale of this tab controls the amount of Bokeh the Gobo has. 



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