TurntableOverlay v1.0

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Contributor: Isaac Spiegel
Used to display chrome/matte ball, colour charts, and reference objects captured on set alongside CG turn tables.
11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
22 Sep 2020

A long while ago, the CG supervisor at our studio asked for a hand in making a Nuke tool that would help him and his team better display the on-set references to the rendered references along with the CG render. He wanted a tool that could display the on-set chrome ball, matte ball, MacBeth chart, and reference objects in an adjustable way to fit any rendered shot. To meet these challenges, I created the TurntableOverlay node for Nuke.


To set up the overlay, begin by plugging in the pipes in the TurntableOverlay node to their respective images. Plug the Chrome and Diffuse pipe into an image that contains the chrome ball and diffuse ball, respectively. Plug the ColourChart into the MacBeth chart or similar colour reference guide. Finally, plug the ref pipe into any reference image. The pipes can be plugged into the same input, different input, or no input. Use the checkboxes at the bottom of the TurntableOverlay tab to select which inputs will be displayed in the overlay. The crop boxes for each input mark the rectangular section of the image will be displayed in the overlay. Use the appearance tab to adjust the background and border colours of the overlay, as well as the transparency. The offset position and scale knobs will move the overlay around the viewport while the position knob has a few predetermined positions to snap the overlay to.

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