uv_paint v1.1

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Contributor: Angelo Perrotta
UV PAINT is a tool that translates the UV informations from a UV map directly into the xy space in the frame, in real time. Painting directly on the UV map you get the current strokes translated into the xy 2D space. In this way you can create a precise roto that will match the strokes on the UV map.
5.2, 6.0, 6.1 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
19 Oct 2010

How to: uvPaint takes only one input, the UV map.


Once you plugged you uv map, open the properties.


On the bottom left corner in the frame you should see a picker called "uvPicker". This is the tool to paint on the uv map. Move it whatever you want to paint on. Then press the "Draw" button to start to paint.


Now you can simply start to move the "uvPicker" to start to draw on your uv pass. One you release the mouse you get the update in the viewer of the translated strokes in the 2D space. You can temporaly stop to paint just pressing the "Stop" button. The you start to paint again with "draw".





Angelo Perrotta.

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