X_Despill v1.2

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Contributor: Xavier Martín
A basic and fast despill gizmo for greenscreen. It can only affect the edges of the matte. You can have control of how it affects colour.
8.0 or later
07 Dec 2014

This gizmo is based on a basic average despill expression, but it adds more flexibility and customization.

Also, it can use a non-destructive method for the core of the matte, in case you only need to adjust the edges.

X Despill

 This is what the controls do:

    • The threshold indicates how much green is going to be cleaned up.

    • The edge strength adjusts the radius around the edges that is going to be affected.

    • The color balance indicates how much green and how much red are going to average against the green.

    • Mix will dissolve between the original image at 0 and the full effect at 1

    • You can also premultiply the rgb against the alpha.
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