audioToFramecycler v1.0

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Contributor: Adrian Baltowski
With this script you can select an audio file, which you want send to Framecycler and play it together with your render/sequence.
5.2, 6.0, 6.1, 6.2 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
08 Apr 2011

This is a simple modification of classic flipbook script. I did it some months ago when I was working on a project, where I had to create a lot of short movies with alpha and with precisely syncronized audio. Work with audio and Nuke could be a nightmare... I found that such a script can simplify my work.

With this script you can additionaly select an audio file (or some movie file which contains audio track) and send it together with video/image sequence to Framecycler. In Framecycler you can quickly and easily moved audio track until finally it will get sync with video. Then you can read out correct frame offset value, use it in movWriter and.... voila!

Additionally my script modify some behaviors of the flipbook. As frames to flipbook my script uses frame range from project, but when you select a Read node, it always takes frame range from selected Read. To get proper synchronization with audio this script also takes fps value from Nuke and set up Framecycler's playback rate accordingly.

Keep in mind, that the list of audio formats supported by Framecycler is not long and it depends on the platform I guess. In my case Framecycler works with .wav and with most .aiff files but not with .mp3. On OSX it can also extract audio from .movs.

This script is independent from built in Flipbook in Nuke. With Alt+F shortcut you call "normal" flipbook function while with Alt+shift+F you call this one.


Paste this script to ./nuke/python and add following to :

import audioToFramecycler"Nuke").findItem("Render")
aaa=renderbar.addCommand('Flipbook With Audio', 'audioToFramecycler.flipbook_with_audio(nuke.selectedNode())', "shift+alt+f")
if nuke.env['ple']:


Adrian Bałtowski

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