bi_multiTileLoad v1.0

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Contributor: Boris Ignjatovic
Multi Tile Load is perfect tool for loading print shots into the compositing phase in Nuke. Sets the scene and orders all tiles acording to rendered images.
7.0, 6.3 or later
Mac, Windows
27 Nov 2013

Milti Tile Load 1.0 for Nuke

This script is free. Use it on your own risk.

### INSTALL ###
To install the script simply copy '' to your Nuke scripts folder.
On windows usualy is here: C:/Users/(user)/.nuke
On mac usualy is here: /Library/Application Support/NUKE/(version)/plugins

Tip:If you have trouble finding the place for it, you can use the code bellow to find all Nuke plugin paths on your system. Apply code in Nuke script editor to view the result:

import nuke
print nuke.pluginPath()

If you dont have any of my tools already, then add this code to the bottom of your Nuke
toolbar ='Nodes')
borisTools = toolbar.addMenu('BI_tools')
borisTools.addCommand('Open Tile...', 'import bi_multiTileLoad as inst;inst.callInputs()')

If however, you already have any of my tools then add this code after this line 'umbrellaMenu = toolbar.addMen('BI_tools')' in your Nuke
borisTools.addCommand('Open Tile...', 'import bi_multiTileLoad as inst;inst.callInputs()')

### USE ###
-Click on the option
-Enter number of columns
-Enter number of rows
-File sequence needs to be named in this template '_tile_1x1_6x4_...', where 1x1 is current number of columns and rows, and 6x4 is final number of columns and rows

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