ClipboardPaste v1.0

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Contributor: Natalia Raz
ClipboardPaste Everything NUKE
14.0 or later
28 Jun 2023


This script enhances Nuke's functionality by enabling users to paste images, videos, or image sequences directly from the clipboard into a Nuke project. It streamlines the import process, improving workflow efficiency. The files could be from your computer, from the screenshot, from the internet browser.



  1. Ensure Python modules globPySide2.QtGui, and datetime are installed.

  2. Insert the script into .nuke/ for example.



  • If a copied image doesn't exist on your computer, the script saves it to a temporary folder in your project directory or home directory depends if the script is saved or not.

  • The hotkey Ctrl+Alt+V can be changed by modifying the script's last line.

  • Tested on macOS Ventura 13.2.1 with NukeX14.0v5.

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