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Contributor: Ting-Jung Hsu
For setting up rendering different language or color versions faster. Not sure if work with older Nuke or Other Platforms. I only tested under Windows, but i think it will work because the script doesn't have any fancy function.
7.0 or later
16 Nov 2013

This is a tool that I create for our current project, which has different language versions.
For example, if each spot has 10 shots and 4 language, there will be 40 nuke scripts you need to handle.
If you know python for nuke, then you’ll need to set before-render-python to each write-nodes, there will be 40 write-nodes that you need to set code.
Or you can create user knobs in Nuke, and go through every script.
Therefore, for saving time purpose, I spent a lot of time to create this tool, if you like it, say thank in this post.
Anyway, this is a free tool for saving your time.

Nuke only support one write node with before-render-python per render.
If you render all of them at the same time in Nuke, the results will not be what you expect.
If your company has render-farm, some submitter can split your write nodes into individual, then it will work, such as Royal render.

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