DL_ACES_Setup v1.0

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Contributor: Danilo de Lucio
This script creates a simple button in Nuke, to set the ACES workflow quickly.
12.1 or later
17 Mar 2022


This script creates a simple button in Nuke, to set the ACES workflow quickly.

DL ACES Setup - PrintScreen


To download from Github, click on the green button (called Code), then click on 'Download ZIP'.
Probably the folder should be named as 'DL_ACES_Setup-main', so rename it as 'DL_ACES_Setup' (if necessary),
then move it to your '.nuke' directory.

In your '.nuke' folder, open the files 'init.py' and 'menu.py'. If it doesn't exist, just simply create a new
'txt' file, give their respective names, and put '.py' as an extension (for both files).

DL ACES Setup - PrintScreen 02

In your 'init.py':

In your 'menu.py':
from DL_ACES_Setup import *

You just to need to make sure that your folder ('DL_ACES_Setup'), has the same name and the same
directory when you are setting in your 'init.py'.


If you want to use a custom OCIO config, replace the current path in 'aces_custom' function
(in 'DL_ACES_Setup.py'), for your own path.

DL ACES Setup - PrintScreen 03

The 'viewerProcess' in your Nuke, it will load the first item on 'active_views' in your
'config.ocio' file, so if you want to set a specific view when this script loads, just put it as a first item.

DL ACES Setup - PrintScreen 04

The Colorspace for all the selected Read nodes will be changed as well, so if you want to use
another one, just simply change from 'scene_linear' to whatever you want.

DL ACES Setup - PrintScreen 06

DL ACES Setup - PrintScreen 05

Author: Danilo de Lucio
Website: www.danilodelucio.com
Date: March/2022

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