The Version Changer v1.3

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Contributor: Tomer Epshtein
A modified select, search and replace panel, with the ability to switch between only existing file versions.
10.0, 9.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
20 Oct 2017


1. added the option to Save / Load Selection

2. added Panel shortcut 'Alt+v'


fixed issue when a different file version appeared before last folder


Main Description

The panel combines various node selection options, a search and replace panel plus version change buttons,
that will allow you to quickly switch between only existing file versions, therefore avoiding errors when dealing with multiple nodes.

Each operation inside the panel is set to work only on pre-defined node and knob types, for better and safer control.

It includes optional Info notifications on the amount of nodes selected and / or changed.

Error lists are read via the script editor window.

The Panel is accesible via the pane menu in Windows > Custom > The Version Changer.



Screenshot 2aScreenshot 3a


How to Install

Add import TheVersionChanger to your in your /.nuke folder. if it doesnt exists, create a new one.

Copy to your /.nuke or plugins folder.




C:\Program Files\YourNukeVersion\plugins\nukescripts

C:\Program Files (x86)\NukeVersion\plugins\nukescripts

C:\Program Files\Nuke11.0v2\plugins



/Users/login name/.nuke





/home/login name/.nuke




If you want to place the panel in a different folder, just add the line

nuke.pluginAddPath('Your Folder Name') before 'import TheVersionChanger'.

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