ReduceSizeNode v1.0

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Contributor: Nicolas Casanova
Finds all Read nodes larger than specified size (from Metadata) and adds useful nodes to slim down. Remove big Bboxes and unnecessary channels.
10.5, 10.0, 9.0 or later
23 Jan 2017

The ReduceSizeNode has custom buttons that finds all Read nodes larger than a size specified by the user (mb per frame from the Read node's Metadata) and provides useful operations to slim them down.

Remove large bounding boxes and unnecessary channels from Read nodes.

You can:

- Display and hide the size (in megabytes), bit-depth, and channel information on every Read node's label for easy identification of which ones might be slowing down your script. (Large nodes will be changed to bright red)

- Create Read nodes from Write nodes preserving the file path and sets their frame range to match your project settings.

- Control switch between original and reduced version.

- Select which nodes to delete after rendering.

- Add a LayerContactSheet node and a Write node set to PNG to render out lighter contact sheets.

- Toggle postage stamp off for Read nodes larger than specified size.

When a Read node has an error, it will be moved inside a bright red group for easy identification.


Instructions: Drag .nk file into a script and convert into a Toolset for quick access. Hover over the buttons for explanations of what they do.


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