Node Flipper v1.2

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Contributor: Daniel Miller
Help organize your node graph. A No-Op node which acts as an axis point about which you can flip the selected nodes. Perfect for when re-organizing scripts or templates. Everything is python but I don't believe there is any syntax that will error in python 2 versions of Nuke. v1.1 Fixed some node alignment issues in flipped nodegraphs
14.0, 13.2, 13.1, 13.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
14 Jul 2024

This is a tool for re-organizing scripts.

Think of this node as a centre point. Place it in your script (usually in the B-pipe, though it needn't be connected). Then select the nodes you want to flip and it will mirror the entire selection to the opposite side.

The main use is when bringing in a template or script section from another shot where the orientation is the opposite of you preference (for example you would like all elements coming in from the left and roto coming in on the right, but the setup has elements on the right).

The node is a toolset and all the code is in the button so just put the .nk in the /Toolsets folder of your  .nuke


1.2 fixes a pivot issue in the earlier version


Please credit Daniel Mark Miller but feel free to use or modify as you wish!
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