Regrain Changed Only v1.0

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Contributor: Daniel Miller
Takes inputs of Denoised Scan, Scan and Denoised Comp. It will apply grain to any areas changed in comp from Denoised Scan and restore the original Scan in any areas untouched.
11.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.0 or later
16 Aug 2019

To install simply copy to your ~/.nuke/Toolsets folder.

Place this at the end of your comp having worked on denoised footage.
Attach the Denoised Scan, Scan and Denoised Comp to the respective inputs.

There is a tolerance slider in the ChangedMatte node.

Replace the grain node with your favourite regrain tool - this will be applied only in areas where comp has changed the pixels by more than the tolerance slider.

Any pixels which have changed by less than the tolerance will be restored to the original plate.

The coll thing about this workflow is that any grain destructive workflows such as edgeblurs, distortion etc... will all have grain applied in a single grain node which sits at the end of your comp. No need for seperate edge mattes and so forth.

Free to use. Let people know who made it thanks ;)
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