switchToRender v1.0

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Contributor: Eduardo Brandao
Toolset to auto switch at the render
12.0, 11.3, 11.2, 11.1, 11.0, 10.5 or later
10 Dec 2019

Hey, guys! I set up a toolkit to optimize node exchange at rendering time.
I often let scanline render with antialiasing setting as none while I work on take, but end up forgetting to switch before rendering, the idea is that whenever you need to disable or leave a lightweight setting on some nodes to work, set 2 paths, heavy and lightweight that you are going to work with, at the time of rendering write will automatically replaces to the right one, avoiding forget to go back to adjust the node with higher quality or have to enable one that was disabled, for example scanline render itself high antialiasing or leaving proxy media for mechanical work or things like that.
There are 2 nodes, SwitchToRender which will be used for change paths, input 0 will be lightweight, input 1 will be the heavy one, and WriteToSwitch as toolset, which will automatically switch to the correct path before render and then back to the lightweight path when finish it. There is a option to switches manually to see the final result, but Write will always use input 1 enable at render time and change to input 0 after rendering, the main idea is to avoid forgetting while leaving the script to work light.
I hope it helps

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