ColorSampler v1.0

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Contributor: Adrian Pueyo
Blinkscript-based live version of CurveTool with additional features like custom and weighted alphas or direct deflickering.
11.0, 10.5, 10.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
05 Jun 2019

               ColorSampler ColorSampler v1.0                


Tutorial/Overview video:

ColorSampler is a tool that calculates the average color of a target input (or the src image if there's no target input), weighted through the area input (or the whole frame if there's no area input). It can also calculate the maximum or minimum value over the area. Additionally, you can directly remove color flickering to an image, or apply it from a target.

You can think of ColorSampler as a live version of CurveTool with some additional features using the power of Blinkscript, where instead of being limited to a rectangle you can plug a roto to use for the sampling area... or a key... :)

ColorSampler screenshot


Bugs and suggestions always appreciated :)

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+3 # Simon Jokuschies 2019-06-04 22:21
This is really great, thanks for sharing, Adrian.
+1 # Tobias Schreeck 2019-06-05 16:46
Thanks Adrian.
+2 # Falk Hofmann 2019-06-10 22:04
That's just awesome Adrian.
Well done!
0 # Jorge M 2019-07-16 19:05
Excelente Tool! mil gracias por compartir !
0 # K P 2019-07-22 04:49
Hi Adrian,

Very cool tool! :)

One thing I would like to mention is that the Export Flicker(src) isn't working like its supposed to. Even at the reference frame, the exported Grade has 'reverse' enabled and offset values at 1 which gives undesirable result. Maybe I am just doing something wrong.

Cheers mate
0 # Bernd M 2021-01-15 22:35
Hm... copy paste gives me ths (nuke 12.1v4)

ColorSampler2.apMaxMinKernel.maxTileLines: no such knob
ColorSampler2.apMaxMinKernel.100: no such knob
ColorSampler2.apWeightedAvg.maxTileLines: no such knob
ColorSampler2.apWeightedAvg.100: no such knob

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