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Contributor: hpduiker

2.48 Kb

A Blink kernel that will blur spherical HDR panoramas.

19 May 2014
Contributor: coolya

10.58 Kb

CatsEyeDefocus is a convolution filter which simulates swirly bokeh.

18 Dec 2016
Contributor: egbert

2.23 Kb

This is a BlinkScript version of nuke's 'Median' filter. It does have a size slider that defines the filter region, but besides that it is exactly the same as the BlinkScript example. :)

25 Jan 2018
Contributor: xavinitram

15.37 Kb

This tool is an advanced variation on the God Rays node. It creates volumetric lighting effects with more realism. It supports soft and diffused light rays created by area lights and volumetric lights. It supports Nuke 3D Cameras, Point Lights and Axis to have a better control of the direction of the illumination.

14 Nov 2017
Contributor: malu05

14.36 Kb

This is a pixel sorter effect created in BlinkScript.

08 Mar 2018
Contributor: konobee

44.25 Kb

A defocus fully controllable by maps, powered by BlinkScript

31 Dec 2017
Contributor: nuki

8.48 Kb

A method to restore antialiased edges damaged by image filtering

17 May 2018
Contributor: nuki

10.33 Kb

Simulate demosaicing artifacts of a Bayer CFA

17 May 2018
Contributor: guillej.rodriguez

6.36 Kb

This filter Quantifies the image color to create a Cartoon look.

16 Nov 2018

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