TexTile v1.0

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Contributor: Matthew Shaw
A tool for tiling textures without noticeable seams
10.5, 10.0, 9.0 or later
18 Mar 2017

A simple tool for tiling an image while removing any seamlines. Uses a voronoi cell pattern to distribute image in a pseudo-random pattern, and blends them together while preserving contrast.

TexTileToolExample nukepedia


The code is almost certainly compatible with Linux and Mac but I am unable to test it. If anyone can verify it's compatibility I'll update this.


For more information on how it works, see here

This tool was developed with reference to work by Inigo Quillez

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0 # Andrew Rea 2017-03-19 00:43
Fantastic! Will have to try it out
+1 # Adrian Pueyo 2017-03-19 02:11
Works great! Thank you :)
0 # Mads Hagbarth Damsbo 2017-03-20 13:22
Cool Rick! that one was on my todo list as well. I guess I can cross it off again :lol:
0 # manoj pc 2017-10-10 12:29
Great !
This one helped me a lot.

Thank you.

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