Voronoi v1.0

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Contributor: Ivan Busquets
A simple voronoi-cell noise generator using BlinkScript.
8.0 or later
18 May 2014

This is a test implementation of libNoise's Voronoi generator ported to BlinkScript.


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0 # Diogo Girondi 2014-05-19 07:37
Thanks Ivan!
+2 # James Berkheimer 2014-05-23 21:12
Any directions on how to install this? I wanted to check it out.
0 # Philippe HUBERDEAU 2015-04-30 06:05
Nice one ! Just wanted to try to translate a libnoise texture, so the job will be quite easier with this great example, Many Thanks Ivan.

-> James : Just create a blinkScript node. Browse the downloaded blink script et click "open and you just have to view the node. Parameters are in the next tab...

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