CurvedMB v1.0

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Contributor: Alexey Kuchinski
Create Curved MB with camera and 3D object.
9.0 or later
11 Jan 2017



































Hi, first of all read carefully what this gizmo does and when it will be possible to use it.

So what it does?

  • It creates curved motion blur, (for example for your 3D render)

How it does ?

  • It reprojects the 3d render on the object which must be in same space as the original object, result is rendered through ScanlineRender, motion blur created.

What do you need to have to make it work?

  1. Camera with which the 3d was rendered

  2. The object from which 3d render was done (or another object in same position, animation... Card,Cube,Cylinder)

Important hints

  • will not work properly on complex object as running human

  • perfect for simple objects like ground, house, car... you get an idea

  • no need in motion vectors

  • need object to have his translation to be saved in translate and rotate knobs (no alembic, no Axises, straight forward - one object with animation in his Translate/Rotate knobs) this is very important, will explain why - within this gizmo the motion blur generated from camera motion, object motion will be ignored for the computation of motion blur, as work around the gizmo is able to stabilize the animated object and assign inverted animation of this object to the camera. as result we have proper motion blur. so to do all that the gizmo will look for animation in the Translate/Rotate knobs of the object

  • you possible will have to scale/modify the object to avoid issues on the edge of the render

  • Render your 3d renders with overscan, it it is not overscanned you may run in problems on the edge of the frame

i am aware that this is not solution for all our MB problems, but in some, and qute many cases it can be an ass and time saver.



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+2 # Alexey Kuchinski 2017-01-12 20:34

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