MaskMe v1.6

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Contributor: Ivan Sorgente
Simplify the roto of non-organic objects, 3D stabilizing and reversing the stabilization in one go.
11.0, 10.5, 10.0, 9.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
01 Jan 2018

MaskMe it’s a Nuke Gizmo that I’ve been developing while working at “The Senate VFX” . As a Compositor, quite often we end up doing a repetitive task and in my case as a 3D oriented dude, Camera projection is one of the operations that I use on an hourly base. 90% of the times, when working on a shot I end up using or creating a camera to facilitate all the common task such as roto/painting/patching etc..

What does it do? Simplify the roto of non-organic objects, 3D stabilizing and reversing the stabilization in one go.

When should you use it? Every time you have a camera or you will have to matchmove a shot. Instead of spending time moving roto shapes around you can easily do the same operations with a few keyframes in a much more precise way.

Where is the magic? There is no magic! it’s a common technique, often avoided because you will need at least 10 nodes to make it work, re-create the setup multiple times and make sure that everything is the right place/order. What I’ve done is just refining the operations inside making everything simpler and user-friendly.


How does it work? easy 

- Plug the undistorted plate

- Plug the camera 

- Position a card or a cube in right XYZ coordinate

       Locators, Proxy Geo, Lidar data or a PointCloud ( Built-in in MaskMe ) are your friends here

- Set Reference Frame

Choose the frame where most of the details of the area/object you are trying to mask are visible.

- Switch to the Roto viewer and roto what you see!

Internally MaskMe is stabilizing the undistorted plate based on the card/cube position. This will allow you to be very precise and very, very, fast!!!

- Switch to the Render viewer. Job Done!.

This is what is happening behind the curtains:




  • Fixed Unplugged Output when re-opening Nuke Script
  • Fixed bug that will not allow you to plug anything after the gizmo until you look at it first.
  • Removed Point Cloud Generator from the gizmo


  • Fixed Expression Link showing in the nodegraph when using more than one gizmo.
  • Fixed black screen bug due to bad switch looking for non-existing knob



Free to use commercially.
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+1 # Marvin Sprengel 2018-01-02 03:37
Wow looks like a genius time saver! looking forward to test it :)
# Ivan Sorgente 2018-01-06 15:09
Thanks Marvin, Glad you liked it :)
+1 # Lukasz Stolarski 2018-01-17 16:14
Thanks so much for sharing and nice presentation. All the best :)
+1 # J0hann Roche 2018-06-27 09:53
Great tool thanks for sharing !
i use it for a crowd duplication today ;) with a good cam track it's terrrrible

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