StereoCamera Gizmo v1.0

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Contributor: Mark Holman-Harris
Stereo Camera Gizmo for Nuke with simple slider controls for convergence and seperation plus additional inputs for adding geo for camera projection.
6.0, 6.1 or later
30 Aug 2010


NB. The gizmo only works in a script that is setup with stereo views.

This can be done simply by clicking set up views for stereo in the project settings window.


The gizmo is a stereo camera rig much like the Maya one and allows easy adjustment of both convergence target and seperation via 2 sliders.

I have also included an option to show a convergence plane which can be turned on or off and have its opacity set.

There is also an option to have an image or sequence projected onto this plane by attaching a read node to the CP_Image input of the gizmo.


If you wish to add extra geometry to the scene for doing projections etc I have included 10 GEO inputs to the gizmo which can be fed geometry nodes.

 All other normal Nuke camera and scanline render settings are included within the node and will effect both Left and Right cameras.


There is also a script which will add the StereoCamera gizmo to your 3d menu in Nuke.

Just copy or add into your .nuke directory and copy the StereoCamera.png icon and StereoCamera.gizmo script to your Nuke plugins folder.

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# paula sangre 2012-05-25 08:48
Very useful, thanks!!

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