KeyID v3.5

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Contributor: Alexey Ushakov
A simple tool to create a mask from an ID pass.
6.3 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
09 Jun 2017



Video tutorial for version 3.0


Change log for version 3.5:

fixed the issue that appeared when the render format was different from the root format

+ added two buttons:

1. The button that completely switches off overlay (it is recommended to use it after the mask creation to avoid errors during rendering);

2. The button that switches the overlay back.


Change log for version 3.1:

bug fixed: impossible to change ID channel

+ optimized the script

+ icon added


Change log for version 3.0: 

+ Added overlay mode

+ Added color picker

+ Added disable mode

- Remove text knob


Change log for version 2.1: 

+ Fixed a dummy error that was preventing from saving more than one ID parameter


Change log for version 2.0:

- Removed preset color knobs

+ Added button for creating color knobs and text string for naming masks

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0 # javi sdc 2017-04-06 13:45
Found your ID keyer much more user friendly than Psyops Cryptomatte, but sometimes it gives problems with it when IDs come from the alShaders crypto_object or crypto_material AOVs.

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