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Contributor: aliehtemami

5.07 Kb

matte copy helps to shuffle an alpha channel from one input to a new user-defined channel to the other input. this gizmo also gives stencil and colour overlay feature to cover various usage cases.

15 Nov 2021
Contributor: aliehtemami

5.89 Kb

Matte QC is a gizmo to check user-defined mattes in the comp stream or exr files as random colours overlay, and also lists the name of matte channels.

15 Nov 2021
Contributor: darkness

9.38 Kb

Creates a tree of lightgroups or illumination passes and recombines them.

29 May 2022
Contributor: anman

6.75 Kb

Provides you with 27 pre-shuffled RGB channel combinations to instantly compare for luma keys or tracking, with additional grading and sharpening tools built-in.

01 Sep 2020
Contributor: alexander055

5.79 Kb

A simply gizmo that allow you to manage better your channels embedded in your input file. V1.1 has been released: - Add Reset Mask button allowing you to put in off all the mask inserted before - Removed issue with 'ret' variable in the script

10 Dec 2016
Contributor: alexander055

9.43 Kb

This gizmo allow to premultiply your RGB correctly even when your alpha doesn't match with own RGB input. Added knob that allow you to blur the edges restored Fixed colorcorrect knob issue

14 Jul 2017
Contributor: CreativeLyons

1.23 Kb

Analyzes a choice of the RGB, RGBA, or Alpha input and outputs an Alpha Channel (or RGBA) that is Binary, 0 or 1. Any Pixels that are not 0 will be turned into 1 (negative numbers also), and 0 will remain 0. This is perfect for those blur + unpremult tricks or if you need a quick matte for finding any rgb color above or below 0, in a CG render passes for example.

02 Jul 2019
Contributor: WACOMalt

3.54 Kb

This basic gizmo simply adds some noise to your alphas around the areas that aren't solid.

19 Aug 2015
Contributor: Fidelis

9.51 Kb

Converts world-normals to camera-normals or outputs a respective facing ratio mask.

03 May 2020
Contributor: fawwaadkhan

3.36 Kb

just refined it a bit as first version was a bit ambiguous and was a simple toolset but this one is gizmo..and there was a typo mistake.. in demo video old version's path is embedded at the bottom of screen..please ignore it.. Here is a quick demo ..

14 Oct 2019
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