D_DeepHoldoutSmoother v2.0

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Contributor: Denis Scolan
Smoothing the harsh holdout intersection that occurs when the holdout itself doesn't have enough samples.
7.0 or later
Linux, Mac, Windows
21 Apr 2013

I've made a gizmo to smooth the harsh holdout intersection the occurs when the holdout itself doesn't have enough samples (coming from a standard Z pass for intance).

The D_DeepHoldoutSmoother is meant to be insert in your tree on the holdout stream and before the DeepHoldout/DeepMerge(holdout mode) node. 

Keep in mind that the holdout will expand slightly and also the more you increase the samples the heavier your comp will get.

This gizmo will only work with Nuke 7.x

Thank you to Jesús Diez-Pérez for the Python script.

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